Friday, August 2, 2013

Picnic's and Pinatas!!!

Last weekend my family business decided to do an employee appreciation picnic and I wanted to do something fun for all the little kids.  We had balls, bubbles, water guns, and buckets and shovels because the picnic was near a creek, but I wanted something else.  I was emailed this great website and found this supper cute Elmo Piñata!  If you know my family at all you know were huge Elmo fans so this was perfect!
The piñata was so great.  The Pinata, candy and mask came for $32.99.  It was a great deal and I was so impressed about how Elmo held up. 
Zoie loved the piñata!  She filled Elmo full of candy and was in charge of him till the party.  Raygen was scared of him, but I have noticed she really only likes Elmo on tv.
The piñata was a lot bigger then I thought it was and there was plenty of candy for all the kids.  I think Zoie would have been happy not to destroy him with a bat at the party, but I told her we could always order another one.  They have a Buzz Light Year that might have to be our next one, lol!
My dad hung it up at the picnic and the girls got busy.  Raygen didn't attend the picnic because there was really no where for her to be set down and she would not want to be held all day and I had to help with the food and everything so it was easier that she stayed home.  It was also pretty warm outside so the heat may have gotten to her.  Daddy gave her lots of four wheeler rides at home so she was happy.
Elmo held up great.  All the kids got several turns.  Finally someone told me we should pull the strings, lol!  So after all the kids got a few swings with the bat and Elmo lost his legs, lol, the kids all took turns pulling the strings.

It was so cute.  The girls would go easy on Elmo and the boys would swing as hard as they could.
I love this picture it looks like Elmo is kicking his legs, lol!
One legged Elmo.
This was a great ending to an awesome picnic.  As you can see in this pic Elmo is legless, lol!!  Zoie loved the piñata.  At the end there was plenty of candy for all the kids and they couldn't quit talking about how much fun Elmo was.   We are going to make this a tradition at our picnics from now on.  It was a great, non-expensive, fun time for over 15 kids. 
You have to check out: and get your piñata today.  Great birthday supplies, awesome customer service, and it came supper fast.
Great Picnic!!
 So next week is going to be so busy.  We start therapy in Kent two times a week, plus Raygen will still be seen once a week in Olympia.  I have also ordered a homeschooling math program for Zoie which we will start to help her get caught up and Zoie also decided she wants to play soccer and practice will start soon.  I am trying not to stress, but there are only so many hours in one day I hope we are able to do everything we need to do and still enjoy everything.
Also the Mended Little Hearts picnic is August 17th.  I am so excited and I have over 80 medical emergency bands to give out to all our fellow heart friends.  Thank you to my Mom, Grandma Bev, and her sewing pals.  I hope the first batch gets a good review.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and order your piñata today!!