Friday, July 26, 2013

Still Loosing...

My girl on our way to the GI doc yesterday.  She wore a dress and she looked so cute. 
I don't put her in dresses that often because they tend to get in the way when she wants to scoot, but yesterday I thought I would.  I think she like the dress she kept playing with the skirt. 

Zoie is getting too big.  Yesterday was her last day of summer school and now she starts a week of VBS.  This girl has been so busy this summer.  No down time for her.  I still hear "I'm bored." so I know she isn't overwhelmed.
Well yesterday I didn't get the news I wanted to hear.
Raygen has lost weight again.  Not too much, but a loss is still a loss.  We need her to either maintain or gain not loose. 
Raygen is 23lb 5 oz and 18.66" long.
We will be adding more calories to her blended diet and we will replace some of her fluid with more food.  Hopefully this will help.  We have to reweigh her in a month and if she still hasn't gained we will have to do something different.  It is so important for heart babies to gain weight.  A lot of heart kids have a huge issue in this department.  I want to make sure Raygen doesn't.  She is eating by mouth 3 jars of baby food a day, but there isn't too many calories in fruit.
I'm a little stressed about her not gaining weight, but were going to make a few adjustments and go from there.  I will be really freaking out if in a month she hasn't gained weight with the adjustments we've made.