Thursday, July 11, 2013

Light Houses

 Light Houses are a big deal in our family.  We love them.  So we decided to drive further South on our vacation down the Oregon Coast and see two that we have never seen before.  We had a long day in the car, but it's always nice to see places you have never been before.
We stopped in Florence at the Sand Dunes and had a picnic and let Zoie check it out.  Randy and Zoie decided they will be going back there again, but next time with their four wheelers. 
 This was the 1st light house we stopped at.  Randy and Zoie were able to go inside and look around, but since Raygen could not walk on her own we had to stay back.  

 Zoie took this picture for me so I could see the view.
 This was the second Light House we went to.  This is a picture of the keeper's house.  This is actually a bed and breakfast.  I told Randy we are staying here one day.  It is so pretty and the house is so full of history.  

 Zoie taking our picture you can see the light house in the back ground.  This is seen from the keepers house.
I could wake up to this view everyday. 
Here is the light house.  Sorry it's sideways. 
Raygen on the way up to the light house.  The trail there was a little hike, but so worth it. 
What a view.... 
More pictures of the bed and breakfast.