Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Prayers needed for our heart friends

Madison Yeung is a local 4 month old baby that is at Standford right now and had major open heart surgery about 10 days ago.  She has had some set backs the last two nights and needs a lot of prayers sent her way.

Poppy is a little girl who was born with HLHS and couldn't recover from her Norwood.  She spent about 52 days I believe with her chest open.  She just received a new heart a few days ago.  Her family moved to Seattle from Montana to give her the best care possible.  This little girl needs some prayers, she has been through sooooo much.

Ella is having her Fontan (3rd surgery for HLHS) today.  She needs your prayers and prayers for her parents on such a stressful and scary day. 

Raygen update:

Big Sister at her softball tourney this weekend.  We took 2nd place!!  Way to go Lady Loggers! 
Yesterday I took a deep breathe of relief.  I think whatever bug my baby was fighting is finally gone.  I was so happy that we stopped by our local park and let Raygen swing for the 1st time ever, lol! (After I cleaned it over and over again with Lysol wipes, of course)  I think she really enjoyed herself. 
I am so glad she is starting to look like herself again.  Thank you to everyone who prayed for her.  It really helped.  She is still taking her antibiotic so I am a little nervous about the bug coming back when she is done with it since we never did find out "what" it was, but I'm going to enjoy her just being happy again. 
Playing at work today. 

Thank you again to everyone who loves Raygen as much as we do.  She is a wonderful little girl and we are truly blessed to be her parents.
Please pray for our heart friends.  There is no greater power then prayer.