Friday, May 24, 2013

Sewing for Raygen

Raygen playing with the cupboard doors and her favorite tractor at work.  We have a family tradition that all our kids love John Deere, this is proof Raygen does.

Thursday night my wonderful Grandma and Mom started working on putting pockets on all Raygen's shirts for her g-tube.  We came up with the idea to put a pocket on the front of her shirts so we had easy access to her tube, but now that she is a mover we can secure the tube in her pocket when we are not using it so it will be safe for her to scoot around.
I love both these women dearly.  They worked till 8pm last night sewing away.  They are teaching me also, so I can make Raygen shirts and also make our medical alert car seat bands.  

Look at how great the shirts turned out...

The pockets work so good.  Raygen's tube is hidden when we don't need to feed her so it prevents her from playing with it (and pumping herself full of air when she gets it open) and it prevents her from accidentally pulling it out when she is rolling or scooting around the house.  Another bonus is that it hides it from everyone so she isn't going out and about with a tube hanging out of her tummy.  You would never know she had a g-tube.

Standing with Daddy while we sewed.
Another great thing coming out of all our projects is that Zoie has found a love of sewing.  She is so crafty and this is such a great thing for her.  She gets to learn how to sew and also spend some good time with her grandma's.
I love you Grandma Bev!!
Raygen wearing one of her shirts.  See, where is her g-tube???
I am so excited making all these great things for Raygen.  She just opens so many doors for us.  I love spending so much time learning from my Grandma and Mom and hearing all their stories.  I love learning how to sew and making my daughters life a little easier.  
May 30th, my grandmothers quilting club is spending all day making our Medical Alert Car Seat bands and I'm so excited.  I can't wait to start sending them to kids in need.  I just know that these could safe a life someday and I am thankful to Raygen that she inspires so many people to help and do great things.  I can't thank my mom and grandma enough for helping me make all my projects work.  I am so grateful to the quilting club for helping.
I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.  Tomorrow I get a mommy day and get to go have my hair done.  I'm so excited.  Sunday I have to work and Monday is FAMILY Day!!!