Thursday, April 18, 2013


I had to take this.  She looks like such a big girl watching tv with her cup.  I love how she crosses her legs. 
There is nothing on her face, just sunshine, lol 
Checking out her cookie.  Nope, didn't go in her mouth in case you were wondering.

She chewed on her cup for a while on the right spot and licked the sides because it was cold.  She did pretty good though. 
I think she does better with her bottle. 

Playing with our food.  For the last few nights I have gotten her to eat a jar of baby food in her little high chair.  Not in her saucer, so I think she is getting the idea of it.  She gets her last food bolus around 2:30pm and I try feeding her around 6:30 so maybe she is a little hungry.  She continues to do great with the blended diet.  I can still only get her to eat fruit by mouth, but it's by mouth so I'm okay with that right now. 
"Get out of my way Mom!" 

Drinking at work. 

We go next week to see our new OT and I hope she will be impressed.  Raygen has been doing so good lately.  I'm so proud of her.  I hope by the end of the summer were eating ice cream cones together, lol.  You never know???