Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Raygen enjoying her ball pit at work.

Happy to see Grandpa. 

Her new favorite toy is her pink elephant.  She constantly hits the on button just so it will blow air and play music.  She loves the air blowing on her, lol, but she is getting so good with putting the balls in it and watching them fly out.  It's great therapy I think for her. 
Please pray for our fellow heart friends today:
Poppy is finally able to have her chest closed today, Thank God.  It has been open since March 18.  Such a long time.  This is a big day for her.  Pray for Poppy
Please pray for Baby Grace who's condition is getting worse.  My heart is aching for this wonderful family right now.  Baby Grace
Thank you to everyone who continues to love and pray for Raygen.  Without you all I don't know where we would be.  She truly is a miracle and prayer, love, and support is our foundation.
This week is a restful week for us.  Next week we have two appointments so we will be busy and we will have lots of medical updates.  I still promise to get a video of her scooting around and sitting up and she finally has started to walk a little with support but putting both feet firmly on the ground.  Our girl is making huge progress lately and we are so proud of her.