Friday, December 7, 2012

Were Home!!!!

Sorry for the delay in post.  WE ARE HOME!!!  We were able to come home last night.  A HUGE THANK YOU  to everyone that prayed for our family and Raygen yesterday.  I will post a couple pictures soon.
Raygen was able to have the tubes placed in her ears and the ENT doctor said he didn't see any fluid in them, go figure.  He also scoped her airway and now BOTH her vocal are working.  That is amazing news.  Hopefully this will make eating easier and the risk of her aspirating lower.  Raygen was also able to have her lung scan.  We will not have the results to the lung scan probably till next week.  Seattle will send the results to Dr Park and then they will contact us.
Raygen had a rough time waking up after the procedures and had a long fussy car ride home but seemed to calm more once we got home.  She didn't go till bed till almost 2am so to say the least we are some pretty tired parents in this house.
I will post pictures and more details later.  Again a HUGE THANK YOU.
Sending you all lots of HEART HUGS.