Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lung Scan Results

Here is Raygen waking up after her surgery last Thursday.  This was the nicer girl that woke up.  I didn't take pictures of the wild women that woke up earlier.  She is watching her good ole' pal Elmo. 
She didn't really want anything to do with me when she woke up.  I think because I took her to the operating room and was there while she went to sleep. (I will never do that again.)  It was so sad when I had to lay her on the bed and hold her down while they gave her the gas to put her to sleep.  I hated it.  I also was crying.  It was a hard moment. 
She did so good.  She would wake up happy for a few minutes and then break down crying.  She was like this all the way home. 

She is one tough girl. 
Hanging out with her cousin Haze at the office.  They both were into Elmo's World Holiday. 

So Cute!!
So I was out for a few days with a nasty stomach bug.  I had to avoid Raygen Friday and Saturday and somewhat on Sunday.  It was so hard.  I hate not being able to care for her, but there is no way Raygen could get what I had.  It was horrible and we would probably end back up at Childrens.  But my wonderful husband did a great job caring for me and the girls over the weekend. 
Lung Scan results are GOOD!!!!
Last test  R Lung:59 L Lung:40
This Time R Lung:54 L Lung:46
So the blood is pretty close to being even so this means her stent is a good size and no Cath for awhile.  This is great news!  We will probably do the scan again in another 6 months to recheck.  I have a feeling that sometime this summer Raygen will need a cath, but I'm not going to think or stress about it now.  I'm going to enjoy that this Christmas we will be home celebrating together. 
We have a busy January planned already.  We see Nero on the 10th to discuss if Raygen had a stroke sometime in her life or if she may have blood clots on her brain, which is a scary thought to me and this appointment is nerve wracking.  We see Dr Park on the 23rd and we see ENT to follow up on Raygen's ear tubes on the 30th.  Raygen also starts her synagise shots this Friday.  She will get these once a month till RSV season is over.  They are very painful and I hate them because I know they hurt, but if they protect our girl from RSV then she has to get them.
Thank you again for all you support last week.  It worked!!!