Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday Hope

Holiday Hope

This time of year, families could use hope more than ever, particularly families with children in the hospital.  Many parents of children with congenital heart defects will spend this holiday sitting at their child's hospital bedside, hoping their child recovers from open-heart surgery or other heart procedures.

You can give families hope.  Through donations to the Mended Hearts Holiday Hope Campaign, Mended Little Hearts will be able to give care bags to these families during the holiday season and all year long.  Care bags are filled with toiletry items, comfort items and snacks for parents so they know that someone cares about them and they don't feel so alone during their child's hospital stay.
All Holiday Hope donations go directly to the care bag program.
Thank you, and many blessings to you and your family during the holidays and all year long.
Mended Hearts and Mended Little Hearts

Mended Little Hearts is a charity close to our hearts.  We love this organization and it has open the doors to so many long time friends that have helped us through some hard times.  This time last year Raygen was recovering from her 2nd open heart surgery and stent placement.  We were one of the heart families that spent Christmas in the hospital.  It was lonely and sad and we missed Zoie, but at the same time it was special because Raygen did so well and we were able to bring our girl home.  This year we will get to celebrate at home but my prayers and thoughts goes out to those you are not so lucky.  Please take a look at this wonderful charity and give if you can, if you can't please just take the time to say a prayer for the families who are spending the holidays at the hospital.

Raygen's 1st Christmas at Seattle Childrens 2011.

Raygen today. 

I love this girl so much.  Her shrit says "Good All Year Just Ask Santa" 
So blessed to be home this Christmas!
God Bless!