Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

 The many faces of Raygen.....

 How I love this girl!!  We have so many things to be thankful for this year.  To think this time last year we barely made it home from the hospital to have dinner.  How time flies.  I kinda think of this year as Raygen's first for all holidays.  I think holidays in the hospital don't count.

I don't know if you can see her new bald spot, but she is still into pulling out her hair.  It is so hard to distract her once she starts.  We put hats on her, socks on her hands, give her toys, but still she continues to pull hands full of hair out.  I hope the ear tubes will help.

Today we went to the GI doc and Raygen is 2' 6.51 tall and 23lb 80oz.  Her BMI is now in the normal range, lol!  My girl is thinning out and her weight is now closer to where it should be for her height.  The GI doc said she was happy with Raygen and decided not to change a thing.  We will go back after the first of the year.  A pretty easy appointment.  

We then decided to hit Target which was nice, not too busy.  I also had to go to Safeway, what a nightmare.  There were no carts and it was so crowded.  Now I'm off to do my holiday baking and enjoy my girls.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

Please pray for Addison's family as they celebrate their first holiday without her and her birthday is also near.  Also please pray for Mia's family, another family that lost their daughter only days before Addison.  With so many losses in the heart community it is hard to celebrate, but it also makes me want to enjoy every single second I have with Raygen because you just never know what all the tomorrows will bring.

Happy Thanksgiving!