Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall Pictures and Prayers for Tomorrow...

Here are a few of the pictures we got of the girls!  I just love them.  Raygen wasn't in the mood but as you can see we got a few smiles out of her.  Thank goodness Zoie had a lot of patience on picture day.
Fall 2012- The girls as Zebras for Halloween.

Zoie 2012

Raygen 2012-18 Months

Our Snoopy girls!

On Saturday we took the girls out for dinner to Red Robin.  Raygen did great. 

Raygen played peek-a-boo barn, and even ate some ranch off of some fries. 
Please say a prayer for our girl tomorrow.  We head to Children's for Raygen's lung perfusion scan.  I hate that she has to have an iv and blood work and then after all that be strapped down to an MRI machine.  I am sick to my stomach and so nervous.  Please pray that it goes smoothly, that were able to comfort Raygen and that the results are good.