Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blood Test Results..

So although we didn't get the lung perfusion test done on Tuesday they were able to get some labs done.  Her kidney function looked good, her electrolytes looked good, but there is one concern with her red blood count.  Her red blood count is high.  Her cardiologist is comfortable with hers being in the 18 range (which is high, but normal for HLHS babies.)  Raygen's was 19.6.  It was down from the last time when it was 20.8 but in July of 2011 it was 16.7 so it is starting to trend higher.  Dr. Park said all we can do right now is watch it and keep her on her aspirin.  We may need to increase her fluid intake because more fluid will help.  Dr. Park also said the only treatment would be more blood draws to remove the extra cells, which would not be easy on our Raygen.  I'm stressing out.  I have no idea on what to do.  Raygen has also picked up a new habit of ripping her hair out.  I will try to post a picture to show you her new little bald spot she gave herself.  I'm thinking she is doing this because of the pressure she feels with her ears, but I'm not sure.  With the holiday's approaching and so much ahead of us I am just scared.  I want Raygen to be okay.  I want everything to run smoothly on December 6th.  I'm so scared right now.  Maybe because Tuesday just replays in my head, but the thought of having to take my daughter back and for her to go to surgery is just gut wrenching.
Please say a small prayer for my girl.  I really feel she needs them.