Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We had our family get away last weekend to Seaside.  It was fun.  The weather was horrible, but we made the best of it anyway.  Our first stop was the Maritime Museum in Astoria, Oregon.  It was very interesting and had a lot of info and exhibits.  It was worth stopping for and a good break for the girls from the car. 
One of the exhibits. 
The museum had a lot of hands on for Zoie.  Here she got to pretend to drive a boat.  She thought it was very cool. 
Raygen and dad hanging out. 
Finally in our room at Seaside.  I love this shirt.  I think it fits Raygen perfectly.  It says "I'm kind of a big deal!" 

Raygen pulling on her feeding tube, lol!  She almost pulled it over, but I keep a close eye on her.  Her tube lately has been one of her favorite toys, lol!  I guess because it's always there to play with, lol! 

Raygen did very well.  The weather was way to nasty to take her outside so we pretty much hung out in the room, but we did have a nice view to look at. 
Zoie and my niece, Taylor, carving pumpkins.  They also got to play in the game room, air hokey, mostly and got lots of pool time. 

Overall we had a good weekend.  I can't wait for another trip.
Happy Halloween tomorrow!!