Thursday, October 25, 2012

ENT Update:

 I just love this outfit.  This is what we started the day out wearing.  But in true toddler form we usually go through a couple outfits.

 The whole reason for going to ENT.  Raygen going for her ears.
 We got to the doctor a little early so Raygen got some peek-a-boo barn time.
 Outfit number two, lol!  She was wearing the cutest Halloween pants.

She loves to kiss the animals, lol!

So the doctor agrees that Raygen needs tubes in her ears.  Not the news that we wanted, but I figured he would say so.  He said any normal baby at her age with fluid in their ears as long as Raygen he would do tubes.  He thinks that this could be holding her back with talking and walking and over all development.  He also wants to scope her airway since she will be sedated for tubes.  Anything that affects her airway scares me.  I really don't ever want to her to have a trach again and with one paralyzed vocal cord any swelling or irritation in her airway is just terrifying.  He wants us to schedule her lung perfussion test first.  Both test require an iv with some form of sedation.  The two procedures can't be done at the same time or same day.  Now I have no idea on what I should do.  Do I try to schedule them so we can do both with one iv or do I just space them out a little.  I hate going to the hospital.  It scares me.  The doctor said that he would want her to stay at least one night after the tubes, but I know the last lung perfussion test we went home the same day.  So I'm not doing anything today.  I thought I would take the weekend and let everything set in and start making my calls on Monday.  I hate putting Raygen through anything.  Especially when she is doing so good. I wish I could go through all this for her.  The iv's, surgeries, all of it.  I would do anything to make it possible.