Friday, October 12, 2012

ENT Seattle, here we come...

Raygen has another ear infection and her tonsils are still swollen. 
And she is teething.  She is chewing on everything, lol! 
She is kissing Peek-a-boo barn in this picture though, lol! 
This little app she just loves.  She gets the biggest smile as soon as she hears the music play. 
Good therapy.  She is using both her hands and 
starting to put weight on her legs. 
I love this pretty little face.  Such joy!
Raygen has had fluid in her ears since her first ear infection in June.  So we decided it's time to head north and see what Childrens think and talk about the possibility for tubes. 
I do not want tubes.  I don't want to put Raygen through a procedure with sedation and an iv unless we have to, but I think were at the that point.  I don't want her hearing to be affected and I do not want her to have to fight them all winter long.  We head to Childrens on October 25th.  Maybe if were lucky, we can have her tubes placed when she is already under sedation for her lung perfusion scan.  Then maybe we can do both with one iv. 
OOOH, how Raygen loves Elmo!

We did call Dr. Park, her heart doctor, about her high heart rate and he said that it's okay for her to be up in 180's if she is active or upset.  It can go as low as 70 in a deep sleep.  So with this information I feel better about her 120 heart rate that worried me.  Although I am still on edge. 
Elmo is so funny.....

Sitting up like such a big girl.

Playing with her favorite car toy.  Her g-tube, lol!
Also, I wanted to answer Bonnie's question about her O2.  (Bonnie, I love your blog and your girls are too cute for words.)  Raygen still has one more heart surgery to go and she will always have half a heart so Raygen will never be above 90 for her O2.  Before her second surgery Raygen's O2 was never higher then 75, now since the glen she is normally around 82 to 83.  I hope and pray with all my heart that after the fontan Raygen will be around 90.  Some kids are after the fontan and some kids are not.  We hope that her third surgery will be the summer of 2014.
As of right now Raygen is on 10 day of antibiotics for her ear infection and I'm watching her very closely.  We should hear back from Dr. Park next week of when he has scheduled her lung scan.  I'm just ready for my baby girl to feel better.  She still gives us her amazing smiles and laughs, but I can tell she doesn't feel that great yet.  I'm gonna go cuddle with her now.  

Update On Addison.  Please pray for her and her family.


Posted 1 day ago
Please Keep praying or start up prayer chains!!!! Addison had a rough few days, she started running a lowgrade fever and this morning they went in for her clinics and has a fever of 103.6! They are there at Childrens trying to figure out what is going on but we need lots of prayers that it is not something very serious and that the fever goes away!! Thank you all again for your support and prayers!!!