Sunday, October 14, 2012

Addison needs your prayers...

Here is the latest update on Addison:
Once again this is Lacey updating while Danny and Angela are at Addison's bedside. Where to even start?... Last night Addison had seizures and coded. It took the team of doctors 3 hours or more to get her back and she was put on ECMO and complete life support. The doctors and everyone are at a complete loss as to why and don't have many answers. They are doing all they can for her and running many tests to try to figure out why and exactly what went wrong. Today she remains on ECMO. They are doing testing to see if or what brain function she has, they are giving it a full 24 hours. The doctors have said they think Addi can stay on ECMO for 3 or 4 days at best. Past that they don't think she will survive. Between the numerous infections and now rejection her heart function is depleted and now the seizures the doctors are just at a loss. Thank you for the continued support and prayers during this time.
Please pass Addison's story on.  Addison and her family need all our support.