Monday, September 17, 2012

Girls Weekend..

My two beautiful daughters.
Relaxing with some tv time on Sunday. 
I love how she sits with her feet together, she is getting so good at sitting up now. 
Couldn't resist.  She is so cute sitting up and she is getting to be such a big girl. 
Raygen LOVES PHONES, lol!  They are her favorite, plus remotes. 
Raygen of course chews on them instead of talking on them, lol! 
Zoie was busy drawing us pictures.  She is such a little artist. 
Bottle time. 
She will even hold it herself now.  She doesn't suck on it she chews on it, but I'm pretty sure she swallows a little.  I don't think she is drinking a lot of it, mostly just lets it run out of her mouth, but the fact that she puts it in her mouth is a huge step for her. 
She loves to lick on apples, lol! 
And of course Raygen loves my cell phone.  So if you get alot of hang ups from me, I'm sorry, but its all Raygen.
Raygen has her cardiologist appt this week on Thursday.  Please say a prayer that we get a good report.  With Addi in the hospital (no update since Saturday) my nerves are a wreck.  I just need to be reassured that my girl is okay.  Raygen is doing awesome as you can tell.  She just amazes us more and more each day and I couldn't be a prouder mom.