Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spring Youth Fair

 I just love this girl.  She is growing up so fast.  She makes me so proud showing her pig and that smile just melts my heart.
 Zoie did such a good job.  She had a pig that kept her running the whole time.  She did an awesome job with control and smiling :)  I can't believe next year she will be old enough to market and show at the big fair.
 Zoie we love you and are so so proud of the girl you are and you are an amazing big sister.
 Here are some sweet pictures of our baby.  Can you see those teeth?
 Thank you to Grandma Dorothy who came and helped daddy babysit today so mommy could go watch Zoie. 
My girls are growing up too fast.  We have a very busy weekend and week ahead of us.  Today Randy and his brothers and dad roofed our house and put in our new dinning room window (thank you thank you!)  The house is starting to look so good.  Two more windows to place and a new door then we can do the siding and paint and it will be like brand new.  I love our house.  I grew up here and so it is so exciting to be raising my girls in the same house that my sister and I grew up in.  So many wonderful memories.
Tuesday is Seattle.  I just pray her tube is okay.  It is looking better but still red and sore.  Thank you Kari for the tip about the button buddies I'm going to get some of those.  Thursday she has OT (oral therapy) in Tacoma.  I also have to get Raygen into a big girl car seat and out of her infant one.  She is getting too big for it.  I love just being able to pack her everywhere in it though so I have been putting it off.
I will post an update Tuesday after Seattle.  Wish us luck.  Someday Raygen will just start eating and we can get rid of this tube, Someday.