Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Change of plans...

Okay so everyone has been asking me how Raygen's tube looks so if you don't want to see pictures don't scroll down.

 Here is Raygen's tube before the medicine.  It was kinda nasty looking and very sore to clean and to the touch.
Here is Raygen's tube now.  No discharge!!!  Still a little red but otherwise back to it's normal self.  It doesn't seem to bother her at all any more.  Cleaning and getting dressed she didn't even fuss the last few times.  SO I spoke with the IR doc at Children's and told him it was looking a lot better and it didn't seem to be causing her pain.  He said that was great.  He said a little red around the tube is nothing he'd worry about if the redness spread out or fanned out he would be concerned.  He recommends finishing the medicine and if it was still red and I wanted her to be seen to come on up to Seattle.  We still have four more days left of the medicine and I'm hoping by then all the redness will be gone.  If not I'll decide then whether we should head to Seattle.  Raygen does have to see her pediatrician on Monday for her one year shots :( and to have her ears checked again so I can always get her thoughts on her g-tube.  I'm so worried about her ears.  She keeps sticking her fingers in them.  I know she is still teething so I hope that is the reason and not another infection.  Thank goodness she has seemed happy the last two day.  Not fussy at all.  Thank God.
So I guess my week just got a lot less crazy.  Now Thursday I have muffins with mom with Zoie at her school and Raygen has an GI appt and new car seat :)  Thank you to everyone for all the prayers they were greatly needed and felt completely.  I will keep you all updated.  I hope by Friday Raygen's tube will be all better and we can have a good weekend.