Wednesday, March 28, 2012

OT and Cardio Check up

To say we didn't get much done in OT today would be an understatement, lol
Raygen lasted about 20 minutes before deciding she was ready for her nap.

I know she was supper tired because she managed to fall asleep sitting up. I had to laugh it was the cutest thing.

Not even smells could wake her up.

Maybe Raygen has learned if she just falls asleep therapy will be over, lol!

After OT we had our cardio check up. I was so needing this appointment. I know Raygen is doing awesome but I needed to know that Dr.Park felt the same way. Raygen is doing wonderful!! Her echo and ekg were wonderful and unchanged since her last ones. They stopped her blood pressure medicine which is so great because now we are down to meds twice a day instead of three times. Its going to take awhile getting used to but it's one less thing to pack and worry about. We don't have to go back to see Dr Park till JUNE!!! So happy! We also discussed doing another lung perfusion test sometime in the next year and sooner if her sats start to dip or she shows other signs of concern. We also discussed hopefully waiting till 2014 for the fontan!!! Raygen is amazing and I'm so grateful to get such a good report back from cardio. Other than that things are going good. We are officially going on our first family trip with Raygen on Easter. Were going to the beach for two nights and I'm nervous and excited all at the same time!