Sunday, February 5, 2012

Water O Water

I love this pic of us at work. It looks like she is going to blow a kiss.

SO lets just say that the past year we haven't had to deal with any of our "normal" home issues. First we hardly were here and second everything seemed like it could wait till Raygen was better. Which most stuff can but having water is another issue. Yesterday morning everything was going good one minute were cleaning and the next minute there was no water. My husband and dad fixed the problem yesterday, took all day, but by last night we had water again. BUT now its morning again and no water. So stressful. So my husband who thought he would work today and my dad who probably had other plans are on their way here to again to work on our well. I just hope it's an easy fix. I don't think we could go too long without water. We have lots of bottled water but still. I need to always clean Raygen's stuff and without water it will be impossible. Please be an easy fix.

Raygen news: I've started to plan her birthday party, so exciting. I even found her this super cute birthday outfit from Etsy. It's a homemade Sesame Street skirt and personalized shirt. As most of you know Raygen loves Sesame Street so that has to be the theme of her birthday party. We have increased her feeds and weaned more from her meds and so far she is doing pretty good. She has started to make all types of baby noises and I'm trying to get a video to post. Too cute to miss. I love hearing her voice.

Please say a quick prayer for Zoie who woke up with a horrible cough. She is so upset thinking she will have to stay at grandma's till she feels better, but we will wait and see. It's so hard because I want to comfort Zoie but Raygen can not get sick. Any cold will take her back to the hospital. I struggle with always feeling torn between my children and I hate that I have to rely on someone to comfort Zoie when she is sick, but I can't get sick either because then I couldn't care for Raygen. My heart aches.

So much happening. I am trying to stay sane :)