Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow and Shots

No leaving today.

Down went a apple tree.

Worn out. Shots are tough.

So we had Raygen's 9 month wellness check yesterday and it went really well besides the shots. She is 20.4lbs (68%) she is 27"long (22%) and her head is 44.5cm(61%). Dr. Polley was very please with her growth. Raygen knew we were at the doctor's office for sure yesterday she clung to me like there was no tomorrow. One day I promise to take her some where fun when she gets in the car. Raygen is still behind in her milestones. She is rolling from side to side now, using both hands (her left more then her right) she is starting to make more baby noise, and she is starting to take things to her mouth. Raygen is so smart she follows me around all the time and if she knows I've left the room she gets upset and then when she sees I'm back she gets happy again. She has also started laughing which is so wonderful to hear. We are so lucky not to have the trake anymore. Raygen's voice is beyond beautiful music to us. We are going to start working with Raygen on tummy time and sitting up but we have to wait 6 weeks after surgery to make sure she is all healed and were almost there. She got 4 shots yesterday and had a pretty rough night. She was very fussy and she kept desating with a higher heart rate. We are trying to keep up on the Tylenol but the last dose she spit up so I'm not sure that's going to work. I just hope she has a good day today I know her poor little legs are sore. Our plan since the snow is just hang out with the fire going and make cookies and cat nap all day since no one really slept well last night with Raygen so upset. I hate shots.