Monday, January 9, 2012

Finding Normal

Sleeping the swing.
Watching tv with my pappa.

Napping with daddy.

Loving my bouncer.

Trying my pacifier.

So Raygen has been off oxygen since Thursday and has been doing pretty good. She has still be low off and on but seems to be in the higher 70's and around 80 most of the time. She does dip when she is sleeping but I think that is pretty normal. We have her lung test on Thursday which I'm not looking forward too and I have already pre-warned Randy that if I don't have a good feeling were not doing it. We haven't had the greatest experiences at Tacoma with test. I'm trying to keep an open mind though. I just hate that she has to get an iv and blood work. I am so ready for people to just leave her alone and let her just have a break from test and shots and doctors.

We are trying to start finding our normal. I have been busy getting my office ready for Raygen so we can go back to work soon! I'm so excited! Who would think someone would be excited to go back to work? I am a little nervous just how much work I will be able to get done in a day and take care of Raygen but I'll work it out. I just love the thought of us never having to be apart.

Raygen is really starting to get back to normal. I am so glad she is healing so nicely after surgery and I just pray that she continues to do well off oxygen. The only thing we really need to work on is her sleeping schedule. She likes to stay up supper late and sleep in. That won't really work when we have to go to work, lol!