Thursday, December 29, 2011

Were HOME!!!!

"Cookie Monster, How I have missed you."

Last nap at the hospital before home.

I'm ready!!!

Why am I wearing clothes? Are we going somewhere?

We are home!!! Two weeks was all this time. That is just so amazing to me. Raygen has been through major open heart surgery and a heart cath and she is so tough that we are home in two weeks! She truly is our miracle. Raygen is doing good. We are still on .5 liters of oxygen but I think we will eventually be able to wean her off. We will discuss that more with Dr. Park on the 5th. I get to start setting up appointments for oral therapy and a nutritionist. We are finally able to start working with Raygen to eat by mouth. So exciting. Raygen hardly slept last night I think she is still on hospital time. Raygen still sounds pretty gunky when she coughs so I'm hoping she will continue to work through it and then maybe her 02 sats will be better too. I am nervous to be home. The fear of sickness or complications or anything is huge right now. Raygen needs a few good weeks of relaxing and healing before we will be good to go for awhile. I can not believe we don't have the Glenn surgery hanging over our heads anymore. I told Randy driving home yesterday that it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders. I know Raygen will have to have caths and one more major surgery but hopefully we will have a long needed break. She deserves it. I will keep you posted on the dates of all of our follow up appointments. Next week with Dr. Park is the one I can't wait for. I just need to hear from him that she is okay.

It was wonderful to be home last night as a family. Our beautiful daughter Bryden is here from Texas so it was extra special having all three of our girls home on such a wonderful night. We will get to celebrate the New Year together and what a New Year it will be for us.

Thank you again for EVERYONE who prayed for our family and our wonderful Raygen. Randy and I are planning a huge 1st birthday party for Raygen and we would love to have her dedicated to our church. We will also be posting those dates as well because everyone is welcome!

God is GOOD! God Bless!