Monday, December 12, 2011

So Sorry....

So as all of you know surgery has indeed been rescheduled AGAIN for Thursday check in at 6:15am. So Raygen is the only one scheduled for that day so hopefully everything will go smoothly and on schedule. The reason it was cancelled today was the baby that they pushed us back for wasn't doing so well so the surgery was going longer then excepted. Please say a prayer for that baby and family, my heart aches for them. I am fine with re-scheduling because I would much rather Raygen be first and have a rested surgeon instead of a surgeon coming out of a 10hr operation. We are all at the mercy of the hospital and like my husband says "a plan is only good the minute you make it in." So I am sorry for everyone who prayed all day for our wonderful girl but THANK YOU. She had a good day. I think she knew she escaped something today, lol! She was all smiles and laughs when we left. I know alot of that was because of the constant prayers she received today. My mother in law prayed that surgery would happen in "the right time" and I just have to believe God answered her prayers and today was not meant to be the day. Today was so stressful but as I sit here home watching Raygen and Randy play my heart is at peace. I can enjoy two more days like this. I feel bad for Zoie we keep stressing her out thinking we wont see her for a few weeks and then we come home the same day, poor girl. With surgery post-poned I'm not sure we will be home for Christmas but as long as my two girls are happy and healthy then I don't care if I'm at a hospital or on the moon. Thank you again for everyone who prayed today and please continue to do so especially on Thursday. Raygen has a long journey ahead and all we can do is pray that everything will be okay. So we check in Thursday morning at 6:15am (leaving our house at 3am) with a surgery start time around 7:30am. The surgery should take about 4 hours. We will do our best to keep the blog updated. Thank you again Sarah for doing so today.

God Bless everyone!