Thursday, December 22, 2011

In Recovery

We just spoke with the doctor and Raygen is now in recovery. They had to place a stent where they removed the sano shunt in Raygen's heart. The area had a curve in it and blood was having a hard time traveling to the left lungs. They placed the stent to straighten the area out and now she is getting good blood flow to both lungs. We saw before and after pictures and it is truly amazing what they did and the improvement in blood flow. By doing the cath we avoided another major heart surgery. The doctor said her o2 sats was 85 but I will wait to get excited till I see it myself for a couple days. I am nervous it did take the doctors two hours to get access. I know she does have a small iv in her foot and a central line in her groin which I hope both can come out in a couple days. Please pray for Raygen tonight. I know she will be in alot of pain and discomfort. God worked a miracle today. God is Good. Raygen is one tough girl.