Friday, December 23, 2011

Cranky and 9th Month Birthday


Lets say we had a long night. Raygen slept good if we rocked her but put her down or let one of the nurses or doctors touch her and she went wild. She is looking like she is starting to feel better and her 02 seems to be in the higher 70's so that's great. The doctors think her 02 should get a little better through the next few days. It always takes Raygen a few days to recover from any procedure so I'm not surprised her o2 is still on the lower side. They hope it will level out in the high 70's to low 80's. The plan for today is to let her rest and recover. She has one more round of antibiotics to get through her central line and then that can come out. She already lost the iv in her foot this morning. She will have to have a heal poke at some point today :( to check some levels and she had an x ray this morning. So hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Raygen is coughing a lot and I know her throat is sore because she tries to hold her coughs and then when she does cough she cries. Its heartbreaking that they can't give her anything for a sore throat.

It does look like Raygen's 1st Christmas will be at Children's but I don't care one bit. Raygen is here and that's all that matters to me. I do miss Zoie so very much. I feel like a huge part is missing from me but I will get to see her Christmas day and I know that my family is taking wonderful care of her. Thank you mom and dad, I love you very much. Also thank you to Ray and Dorothy (Randy's parents) who have been a huge support system for us and who also watches out for Zoie.

I can't wait to post pictures of Raygen in her "first Christmas" t-shirt. Hopefully she will feel better by then and I can get some clothes on her.

Please keep praying for her. She still is in some pain and discomfort but she is heading in the right direction.