Monday, November 21, 2011

Home Tomorrow, Maybe?

So no new surgery date but it isn't Wednesday for sure. We should know a date tomorrow. The plan now is to go home and heal for two weeks then come back for the Glenn. Raygen has had a better day then yesterday and they found a pretty good pain med for her so she was able to get a good nap in today. She is finally starting to be awake without crying. She is looking around and watching tv and has even smiled a few times. So to go home tomorrow Raygen needs to have a good night and in the morning ENT will come and scope her vocal cords and make sure her airway looks good and if they are comfortable with us going home then we will. This is such a scary experience. I can't put into words how I feel because I was not expecting any of this. This is such a blessing. I just pray that Raygen figures out how to breathe comfortably and that she is still able to gain weight and avoid getting sick till the Glenn. I pray so hard that we will not need to be re-traked after the Glenn as well. I will post more later. She is starting to cry so I'm off to hold my baby.