Friday, October 7, 2011

New Surgery Date

Raygen fell asleep with her passe mere valve.

She loves chewing on blankets lately, especially these white ones.

So I got a call on Wednesday they decided to move Raygen's surgery to October 18th. So in 12 days my beautiful little girl will be having her second open heart surgery. I'm so scared. We go to Childrens on the 13th for pre-op. Pre-op will include blood draw, x rays, echo's and ekg's. I pray that the blood draw will go smoothly a one poke shot. She is feeling better today, thank God. Raygen had a good day yesterday with her Dad. She wore her valve alot and we heard some really good cries. Raygen was very mad when we heard noise, but hey we heard noise. Raygen is smiling today and starting to look like her normal self, I hope she is over whatever she had going on. Now that her surgery is approaching so fast I can't help but think about all the things we haven't done yet. I think of all the times I wanted to give Raygen big kisses but didn't because "just in case" I have something she could catch. I hate it when Raygen cries, I never want her to have one moment of unnecessary unhappiness when she already has had so much pain. I pray with every fibre of my body that after the Glenn we can come home and make up for time lost. We have big plans for our little Raygen when we get home. Were going to work on getting rid of the trake so we can take family trips, see Santa Clause, go to grandma's house, meet some of our aunts and uncles and so much. I'm scared so very scared but I know we have such an amazing God and that I have to trust him and pray that surgery will go fine and we will bring Raygen home happy and healthier then when we left. I also have to remember we have a beautiful, amazing, strong, fighter, couragous, daughter who I love to the moon and back and so much more. Thank you to everyone for all your prayers and support and please continue to pray for Raygen. The next few weeks are going to be tough emotionally and physically for Raygen and our family.