Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Family Time

This was Friday but I had to post it. She is so cute sitting up. She looks so chunky, ha! Which is what we need. I love how she is watching Elmo. She refused to look at me.
I got my new planner today from erincondren.com. I love love love it. Our family picture is on the back. I love making list, making schedules, & writing everything down and this is so perfect. You have to check them out online.

She is so tired in this picture and now she is getting to that age where she fights going to sleep. So cute.

We went for a family car ride on Sunday. So much fun to get out of the house. I sat in the back with Raygen and I was so car sick but I wanted to give Randy a break and let him enjoy a nice drive. I think he appreciated it. Plus we went and got coffee and that always makes everything better.

I was saying her name over and over and still Raygen refused to look at me, lol. As soon as I put the camera down she looked at me and smiled and of course no picture of that, lol!!

So we had a great weekend. I feel so much better today after I got a full nights sleep last night. Our weekend night nurse quit because she is moving and so now Randy and I are on our own Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Lets just say by Sunday I'm exhausted. We work in shifts. Randy usually goes to bed around 10pm and I wake him up at 3am to start his shift and I sleep till about 9am. We get nothing done around the house and its hard but sooooo worth it. I love Raygen I'd do anything for her. It's so weird to me that someday we will all be able to go to bed together. It's so exciting and scary at the same time. I wonder if I will feel the need to stay up with her all night the first few days without a trach, I probably will. If you know any nurses that need a job, let me know ;)

So we have two doctor appointments this week. Thursday we go to Seattle and see the trach doc. So curious to get his thoughts on the upcoming surgery and the possibility of no trach in the future. We will also be meeting Dr. Rubio who is Raygen's main cardiologist while she is a patient at Children's. The plan for the surgery is his idea so we will make sure we understand it all and ask any questions we have. Friday Raygen finally goes to get her 6 month vaccines. I am dreading this appointment.