Monday, September 19, 2011

Were Home

We got home last night around 8pm. So glad to be home. A little stressful leaving Seattle so late and not really knowing anything about the G tube, but I can figure it out. Raygen is so happy to be home. Today was my first day home without a nurse. It was just Raygen and myself. My nursing agency is running low, so if your a nurse and need a job let me know. It went well. Raygen and I did awesome. It's just a little nerve racking when I need to get meds or go potty. I just have to pick the right time when Raygen is doing good and run to the bathroom real fast, lol. I also try not to talk on the phone just incase so if I don't answer I will call you back when Randy gets home :) She is such a good baby and she is so strong she just amazes me everyday. Zoie should be home and I'm so excited. I missed her sooooo much and I can't wait till give her a big hug. So we go see the Otto doc this Thursday and will talk more about getting rid of the trake and Raygen will have an Echo next week on Thursday just for a check up. Dr. Rubio should present Raygen to the surgeons on next Monday so I may have a surgery date next week. So so so scary. Raygen is so strong. She has made it through so much and I know she will do great during and after the Glenn. Please pray for her to just continue to get big and stay healthy till the Glenn. Thank you to everyone for all your love, prayers, and support while we were at Childrens. God Bless. I also put up a few pics of our journey this time. I love the set up we did for Raygen in her hospital bed, we had to have Sesame Street :0) It worked wonderful. I still am not used to seeing her pretty face with no tape, I love it.