Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Surgery Date

We have a date. October 19th we will go to Children's for Raygen's pre-op appointment and then October 26th will be her surgery. I'm so scared. I have already ordered the girl's costumes and we will do a mini Halloween at home before surgery. I know how much it means to Zoie for her and Raygen to be Jesse's together. This will also be difficult for Zoie because most likely we will still be in the hospital for her 8th birthday which is the first week of November. We may have to do a mini Halloween/birthday party. I'm so scared. Please pray Raygen continues to stay healthy and gain weight so she can go into surgery as healthy as possible. Please pray for Zoie as well because this time it will be so much harder on her. Hopefully we will be home, happy, and healthy by Thanksgiving.