Friday, September 2, 2011


Yesterday Raygen got to meet her cousin for the first time, Tru. Are they not the cutest pair you have ever seen? I think we have a couple heart breakers here. It was the cutest thing to watch them hold hands. Natalie and I have talked about this moment for so long. Both having babies at the same time and getting them together for play dates and being stay at home moms and now here we are. A little different then we imagined but still awesome. I took so many pictures of them together it's hard not to post them all. Doctor update: So I got a call from Children's yesterday and Dr. Rubio is on vacation and will be back Tuesday so hopefully next week we will have some dates and the cath scheduled. They told me his first appointment date was October 15th and I told them that wasn't going to work because hopefully we will be having the Glenn then, not that Cath. So we will see. She did say Dr. Rubio had some free days but she had to talk to him before she scheduled anything. She also said she didn't think it would be a problem to get the Cath and G tube done at the same time so that was a relief and hopefully we can try the valve at the same hospitalization. The waiting is so frustrating but I think if I had dates I would be all stressed out even more so I'm just going to enjoy my lazy holiday weekend. I hope you all do too. Raygen also got to try a sucker for the first time at therapy. I don't think she was too impressed. It's nice to get her to try some new flavors and tastes. All she gets to taste now is spit up and spit, lol, the sucker had to be nice.