Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cath Day Tomorrow

So I just got the phone call from Children's. We check in tomorrow at 8:15am so we will be leaving our house around 5:30am. I'm so scared. So much depends on tomorrow results that I'm freaking out while I'm typing this. I know I will cry all day so if you talk to me just be prepared :) So I have the plan on when we turn her feeds off, the medicine she can and can not have and I even got to discuss the plan with Dr. Rubio. After the Cath he will come and have a long conversation with us on what the test show. Based off her Cath will determine when the Glenn will be, could happen as early as two weeks from tomorrow. We will be admitted to the hospital after the cath so later tomorrow after she has fully awaken from the Cath, ENT will come try the passe mere valve on Raygen's trake. Based on how she does will the trial and the cath results will determine how fast we can get rid of the trake. Dr. Rubio also said he would present Raygen to the Cardio Surgery team on Friday and they will also discuss based on the Cath results when and how to handle the trake. Sometime Friday she will have her G tube. The G tube seems to be the lesser of all the things happening in the next few days but just as important and just as scary because it is another procedure for Raygen. But since she has discovered how to pull her NG tube out it is a necessary one along with being a medically one.
Please Pray:

Raygen does well with her Cath procedure and the results are good.

Raygen does well with her Trake Trial.

Raygen does well with the G Tube.

Raygen has no issues with being sedated or ventilated.

For the doctors doing the procedures. That they are rested and make the right decisions for Raygen.

For Zoie that she is okay while we are away.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, love, and support. I will keep you posted as much as I can.