Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cardio Doc Appt

So the appointment went great today. It was pretty much "put your eyes on her" kinda visit. A follow up since we have been home from the hospital. Raygen did so good. She was so happy and plus she looked so dang cute in this dress and her new hair-do. So Dr. Park said that we need to wait at least two weeks to make sure Raygen is fully healed from her cold to move forward with the Cath. Dr. Park is going to call Dr. Rubio at Childrens and between the two of them they will pick the date for the cath. It should be within the next 3 weeks. Hopefully we will be able to get her G tube placed at the same time. The Cath is a huge deal. It will tell us for sure if Raygen will be able to have the Glenn. The cath reads the pressure in her lungs and heart and by this test will be able to tell us if we move forward to the Glenn or move to the transplant list. Please pray that her numbers and pressures are good and she can have the Glenn. Also the trach puts Raygen in a more tricky position. Her stoma is so close to the incision line for her heart surgery that puts her at a higher risk. We go see the ENT doc on Monday so hopefully they will have some answers on her trach and paralyzed vocal cords. It would be so nice to have the second surgery and come home with no trach but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I will take Raygen any way I can get her, trach or no trach as long as her heart cath and surgery go well I don't care about the rest. I'll keep you posted and thank you to everyone for all your prayers and support. The next month so much is going to happen and I'm starting to panic that it is all happening way too fast for me. It feels like I just brought my baby girl home and now were planning our next trip back to the hospital and I'm so scared. I know the Lord has blessed us so far and I pray with all my heart he continues to do so.