Friday, July 28, 2017

Fractured Wrist

Last week Raygen was running around our kitchen at work and slipped and landed hard on her right wrist.  Her right side is her weaker side due to her stroke and several other factors so it was no surprise that she fractured her wrist.  It really was only a matter of time.  She doesn't understand how to protect herself when she stumbles and so an accident was bound to happen sooner or later.  Thankfully, my Dad realized when he was helping Raygen with some stretching that she was really uncomfortable every time he touched her right wrist.  Raygen was even crying at times.  So we discussed it and figured we better take her to the doctor to have it looked at.  Better safe then sorry. 
Thank goodness I took her in because after two x-rays the radiologist determined she fractured it.  It's 3 weeks in the brace and then she is good to go.  That is what Centralia told me, but since I wasn't comfortable with their plan I have scheduled Raygen to see Ortho at Seattle Children's on Wednesday.  I really would like her wrist evaluated again and make sure it is only a fracture.  The x-ray that Raygen had taken in Centralia was not the best.  I know because I had to hold her and try to hold her hand down for the x-ray and it wasn't pretty. 
So far she handles the brace pretty well.  It bothers her when she gets overheated or when she wants to get wet, but other then that she has been tolerating it.  I am able to take it off for baths and we did take it off once for the sprinkler, but other then that she wears it 24/7. 
Raygen's new favorite past time is throwing hay around in the barn.  She will do this for hours and horse poo doesn't bother her one bit, lol!!  It's so wonderful that you can make her so happy by just taking her outside to the barn.  There is nothing better then making this little girl happy.

We have a very busy week ahead.  Monday GI at Tacoma, Wednesday Ortho at Seattle and it's Wedding Week.  My Niece is getting married next Saturday so there is a lot of hair and nail appointments and decorating etc......  I'm already tired just thinking about it. 
Oh' yeah did I mention I still have to work, take care of two kids, a husband, and a house, lol!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun!


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