Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My tube has a hole...

So you see where we wrapped co-ban around the the top of her tube near her tummy?  Well that is where she has sprung a leak.  Unfortunately, this means she will have to have her tube replaced soon, but I am crossing my fingers that we can post pone this till after her cath.  I am not sure how we will choose to replace the tube or if we will go with something more flush with the skin.  It depends on when we have it replaced.  For now the leak only seems to happen when I flush it with water, but I don't think it will stay small for too long.  Her tube does get bent a lot during activity such as cleaning and getting dress and of course when she plays.  I am just really praying we can hold off on this problem till we make it through the Cath and MRI.
I love this smile.  She can make all our worries go away with those wonderful dimples.
Raygen is on home lock down.  We are trying to keep her in a bubble as much as possible till after her cath.  That includes keeping her indoors at all times, which is really hard when it's nice out.  But for us this week its been nothing, but rain.  
I'm taking Raygen to the doctor tomorrow to make sure her throat and ears look better after being on her antibiotics for a week.  Fingers, crossed.



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