Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Raygen having a good birthday morning.  I can't believe she is TWO!!

We decided to stay home on her birthday.  Zoie and I made her a cake and I really think if Raygen had a say she would have wanted to stay home.  Where she is most comfy. 
She wasn't that impressed with it.  

She would just slap it and then look at her hands.

Nothing got in her mouth, but maybe next year.  We made the cake just so she had one on her birthday and for the sole purpose to let her make a mess.

Sunday we had a small party for her at my moms.  She had to wear her "Birthday Princess" Shirt. 

Toy Story Cake!!

My Mom and Dad gave Raygen this wonderful ball pit for her birthday.  She loves it and it's really good therapy. 
Singing "Happy Birthday" to our girl.

The best part about the ball pit is that it travels.  This is Raygen playing in at work.
I should be getting her 2nd birthday pictures today and I'm so excited to show them to you guys.  Raygen took some wonderful pictures.
Thank you to everyone for all the great Birthday wishes.  I can't wait till Raygen understands how many wonderful people love her and pray for her.
God Bless!!

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