Friday, March 22, 2013

I made it through...

Yesterday was my first public speaking event to help raise money for Seattle Children's.  I want to thank Lyndsay Walker for the opportunity to share Raygen's story and give back some way.  It was a wonderful event.  There were 3 members from the Guild Association Trustees and Staff from Seattle Children's and several local guilds from Lewis County.  It was an honor to attend and be part of such a wonderful group of women who do so many amazing things for Childrens.

In Lewis County:
There are 81 Guild Members
567 Patients served from Lewis County at Childrens (it's about double that if you count multi visits.)
$1,110,278 of uncompensated care provided to our County last year.
$25,954 raised by our County's guilds went to Childrens.
So Amazing when you see the facts, isn't it? 
Thanks to this beautiful little girl I went totally outside my comfort level yesterday.  Raygen makes me want to be a better person.  She makes me want to make a difference.  Bring awareness in our community.   
I'm so proud to be the mom to this wonderful little girl.  Words don't describe how she has changed me heart and soul. 

I can not believe you are TWO tomorrow!!  We love you sooooo much and we are so lucky to be blessed by you Raygen.  You truly are our miracle and we are forever changed by you.

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  1. happy birthday raygen have a very happy and fun filled day


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