Friday, March 8, 2013

Blended Diet..

My Sweet girl playing this morning before we headed off for her synagise shot. 
She loves to play with the tape that we use for her g-tube.
 Doesn't that face just make you SMILE????

So after talking to a great mom at Jamie's Heart Gala last weekend and after my mom mentioned it earlier to me I decided to research the blended diet for tube fed children.  This is where we would feed Raygen blended food or baby food through her g-tube instead of formula.  This is a great way to get her body used to having real food and get all her vitamins and nutrients that she needs.  I found this article through Childrens:
It's worth reading if you have a tube fed baby.
I'm so excited to slowly introduce this feeding over to Raygen and so was her dietitian.  If we could switch over to this Raygen could get all that she needs during the day and not have to be on the feeding pump all night.  I think she would sleep so much better if we were not feeding her all night.  That may be why she has tummy issues.  I'm going to start trying on Sunday since I can stay home all day and see how she reacts.  There is no real proof but most of the moms that have done this has found it easier to transition their kids to oral eating so I really hope that is the case for us.
Wish us luck....

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  1. good luck i hope having raygen on a blended diet will help. she is such a cutie


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