Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Feet are better then hands....

Raygen as you know does everything with her feet.  She tends to use her feet more then her hands for the most part.  She loves to play with her tv as you can see.  The tv is not only for watching Elmo, but her kick toy as well, lol!
Raygen loves keys and glasses.  I think those are her two favorite toys at the moment and as you can see she loves to hang the keys off her toes and kick her tv, lol!
"Elmo what do you think of my keys?"

She even rolls with the keys on her toes, lol!!
I mentioned earlier how Raygen loves to play with doors and she hates when they close and she can't open them, so here is my door stopper at work, lol!  A toy cow and alot of tape, lol!  It works!
Raygen with her glasses.
I want to get a video of how she is getting around these days and I promise to and I'll post it soon.  You won't believe how she can get EVERYWHERE just by rolling.  There is nothing stopping this girl now!!  She's a mover.
I finally got some appointments scheduled to get us ready for Raygen's MRI.  We will be going to Seattle twice, Bellevue once and we also have a couple appointment in Olympia.  This will all be happening in the next 3 weeks.  Needless to say, I also have my full time job and Zoie, and a house and husband to care for as well so saying I'm going to be a busy women is an understatement.  Thank God for my Mom!!  I will keep you posted on our appointments. 
I also have some big news to share in the next few days so stay tuned.

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