Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Colds Suck

Raygen has been fighting an awful cold for almost a week now.  She feels good when the Tylenol kicks in, but when it's done working its magic she is all about the cuddles.
She has a horrible cough and when she starts coughing it last for about two minutes and continues on with sneezing.  She coughs so hard that tears come to her eyes.  It's the saddest thing.
These little smiles are with Tylenol. :)

Randy and I took her to the doctor yesterday just to make sure her lungs were clear and that she didn't have an ear infection.  Thank goodness lungs sounded good and so far (Knock on wood) no ear infections.  Just a nasty cough and runny nose.  Raygen's o2 was around 90 which is lower then it has been and I'm hoping this is due to the cold and nothing else.  She usually runs around 95.  I am going to start monitoring it again at home just to make sure she isn't having a downward trend.  We are seeing Dr. Park at the end of this month and I am ready.  I am needing to know that Raygen is okay.  On the outside she looks good to me, but it is what is inside that scares me the most.