Friday, January 13, 2017

Breaking Free...

It's been a long two weeks, but I can finally say I think we are at the tail end of this cold.
We've had to come up with new toys to keep Raygen entertained so we rediscovered Zoie's old Barbie's.  Raygen was pretty impressed.  When Raygen is sick we do not take her outside or out in public.  First off we do not want to expose anyone to her in case she spreads any germs, but we also don't want to expose her to anything that could cause her cold become something bigger.
The weather has been nothing but snow or very cold and it's been a little disappointing that Raygen hasn't felt well since she hasn't experienced the snow yet.  I know 5 years old and she hasn't made a snowman???  It is a price we pay to keep her healthy.  I hope someday we can take her out in the snow I think she would truly enjoy it.  I see snowball fights in her future.
What is so impressive about this girl is even when she feels horrible she is happy.  I know what your thinking.  She does have her melt downs and we do have tears and our frustrations, but she still has those moments where she gives her little smiles and looks and I know she is going to be okay.
This girl.....I just love her.  It is so hard to wake this sleeping girl in the morning to head to work.  I could snuggle with her all day.
She is still enjoying her big girl bed!!  I can not believe she is almost 6 years old.

So I have some new goals for this blog this year and I really hope I am able to achieve them.  You won't believe how fast my days fly by.  I always say "I'm going to blog today." Then before I know it, it's 10 and I need to get to bed.  :0)

Wednesday Raygen is going to receive her new IPad that will be used specifically for communication.  My girl is going to get a voice!!!  I am so excited and yet so nervous.  It isn't going to happen overnight, but hopefully through ABA therapy and dedication from us at home Raygen will be less frustrated and we will be able to know her wants and needs. 

My goal is blog at least 3 times a week during this process and update you on how Raygen is doing learning her IPad, ABA, and learning how to eat. I also want to touch basis on things that help me personally.  As you may know I am a full time working mom of two and to keep myself sane I have fell in love with fitness, running,  and IdealFit

To get started I want to introduce you to my go to products to help me stay on track. 
IdealFit Toning Stack on sale for $79.99 a savings of  $84.97!  That's huge.  I ordered this today.  I choose Mint Chocolate Protein Powder, and the new Strawberry Kiwi BCAA.  I have been using the CLA and Night Time Probiotic for a couple weeks now and I really love them.  I feel no awful side effects.  I love that IdealFit is especially for women.   I am excited that I  found a product that keeps up with my hectic schedule and keeps me full of energy to the best I can be.  Being a special needs mom can be hard.  We don't always have the time to go to a gym, the money for a professional, but with the right supplements and support even a stay at home mom can be a fit and happy mom.  If I can do it.  So can you. #ad

I hope you stay on this roller coaster and join me.