Saturday, June 4, 2016

Busy Girl and ABA

We had a busy week.  Besides Raygen being her happy self and not letting mom keep the canned food put away were also are in the process of getting ABA Therapy.  This is such an awesome, exciting step for Raygen.  ABA Therapy is suppose to be the best therapy out there.  It is completely based on Raygen.  It works with her and not against her.  It will not only help Raygen, but it will help us with Raygen.  The therapist will come to us and work with Raygen where she is comfortable.  I am not sure when it will start or how many hours a week Raygen will do, but I am really curious and excited to see how it works.  It's a very new therapy with a very long waiting list so we are very blessed to be starting soon. :0) 
Zoie discovered she can no longer make private forts because her little sister will take them over :0)  I just love this picture.  My babies are no longer babies.  They truly are my inspiration in everything I do. 
You leave Papa outside with Raygen for one minute and you come back to this...... 
in her pool, filling up with water, with all her clothes still one.  Even the shoes :0)
Papa and Raygen together is nothing but trouble, lol! 

Scheduled Raygen's next cardio appointment for July 11th.  I'm nervous, but confident that she is doing good.  The funny thing is, that I never feel confident and that makes me more nervous, lol!  I am known to be a worrier so if I don't have anything to worry about, that makes me worry.  It's a never ending cycle for me :)

Vacation is fast approaching.  I hope Raygen loves Silverwood!!!!