Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter and Doctors

I took Raygen to the doctor on Monday for a check-up.  It was day 14 of medicine trying to control her cold that she just can't kick.  She has improved a ton I am happy to report and so relieved.  We are doing two weeks of a probiotic and doing mineral oil drops in her ears to help break down the wax so we can get a good look at her tubes.  We will go back to the doctor and have her 5 year wellness check, hopefully her ear tubes will be unblocked, and she will have to receive two shots :(.  The doctor recommended we hold off another two weeks before returning to preschool.
Raygen loves to play with the rubber bands at work.
I think more then anything Raygen just loves making a mess at work.
Raygen enjoyed Easter.  It wasn't a sunny day here in Washington so we pretty much stayed home and inside.  We did go visit the Grandparents early in the day, but we had a nice dinner at home and spent the day relaxing.
Even took a nap and that never happens in this house.
PS: If you live in the Lewis/Thurston County area and want to be part of our new Mended Little Hearts Chapter please send me a message.  Were looking for local members ;0)