Thursday, January 28, 2016

GI Update

On our way to GI.
She is a good little traveler.  
Raygen's new favorite place to hang out at the office.
Looks pretty comfy to me.

Raygen had a wonderful GI check-up.  We are truly blessed with how well Raygen is doing.  She truly is a miracle.  
As of this this week Raygen weighs 35lb 1.6oz and she is 3'3.57" tall.  She is in the 23% percent for weight and 9% for height.  Her growth continues to move up in the right direction.  
Raygen had her g-tube replaced and they want me to start adding different meats into Raygen's blend instead of just chicken.  So I'll start mixing up her diet and then we will check back in with them again in 3 months.
I just love simple and quick appointments.