Sunday, January 3, 2016


Bundled up on our way to work this week.  Just love that sweet smile.
Up at 3am and sound asleep at 5pm.  This made for an extra long night for Raygen and Mommy.  We have a really hard time keeping her on a good sleep schedule. 
Zoie introduced a new way for Raygen to play with her shopping cart.  A new stroller.  This may be a very bad thing Zoie did.  Raygen will want this all the time now.
A sweet flash back photo of us on one of our first vacations as a family of 4.  The girls look so young.
Raygen enjoying being home.  She was rocking her scars.  Reminds me how amazing she is when what she has went through is seen all over her little body.  Not just surgery scars, but iv scars, pic line scars and especially her trach scar.  She is one tough cookie.
This week we head to cardio.  I am so nervous.  It has been six months.  I am needing reassurance that her heart is okay.  She is still battling a cold so I'm holding off longer to take her back to preschool.  I think she is barely keeping herself healthy as it is and I don't think exposing her to new germs would be the right thing to do. 
I'll keep you posted.  Please say a prayer for Raygen on Wednesday when we see Dr. Park.  Not only are cardio appointments scary for her she will also have blood work.