Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving in Bend Oregon 2015

Thanksgiving this year we headed down to Bend Oregon.  It was beautiful.  Cold, but beautiful.  In fact it was -2 one morning.  A little too cold for Raygen who is still not feeling 100%, but we found things indoors to keep her busy while Randy played with Zoie outside.
We went to the High Desert Museum.  It was wonderful.  I wish we could have stayed a little longer and read about everything, but the girls weren't having it.  Randy and I decided we need to go back.  I love how Zoie pretended to be a news anchor.  I think she looks so natural in front of the camera.
Future Job???? :0)
The museum had amazing displays.  Raygen and Randy are sitting in front of an old cabin.  Inside you would see what it would be like to live in the early 1800's.
Raygen and I outside a old bank building.  Couldn't pass up a picture with the cute tree.  Every building you could go in and get a peak of what would have been inside the building during that time.
We had a great holiday in Bend.  The resort we stayed at had ice skating and a very hot hot tub.  Randy and Zoie also went sledding at Mount Bachelor.  They loved it.  Raygen and I had a good amount of Mother-Daughter bonding time inside since she is fighting a nasty cold.  

I can not believe were on Christmas Countdown already.  Where did the time go?