Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

Raygen really enjoyed Christmas this year.  She loved all the bows on the presents.  She also received some books from Grandma Dorothy that she loved as well.
She even made Daddy read her a story.  She is so sweet this year.  She really impressed me with how she handled everything. 
Zoie is always fun, but I love watching her open her gifts.  Every emotion she feels rushes across her face within seconds of opening her present.  You know right away if she loves it.  I'm thankful to say Santa did a good job this year. 
Raygen rocking her scares opening presents.  She understood that she needed to open the presents, but once the paper was off she was ready to move onto the next one.  She didn't realize till later that there were new toys to play with.  She had to get every piece of wrapping paper off her present, lol!  It took awhile for her to open them all.
Zoie received a lot of new items to organize her room.  It is strange how you go from buying your children toys to buying them make -up and lamps.  I miss buying her toys.  She is just growing up way to fast for me.
Raygen in her super cute pj's from Santa opening more presents at Grandma Lori's house.
She received a new dvd player to go in our car.  She probably didn't care at this moment, but she will love it when we get in the car Monday morning. 
Raygen also decided once she unwrapped all her gifts that she would help her grandpa.  I don't think he minded ;)
Raygen also helped me open mine.  She did such a wonderful job.
Raygen received her first princess dress from Papa and Grams and she loved it.  She wore it for a long time.  She was so impressed with herself.  She had to rush to the mirror to see it.  I just love how she is starting to get into "little girl" things.  It's so fun to watch her play dress up or play with a doll.  It makes me so emotional.  There were so many times in her journey I wondered if we'd get here.
Christmas was wonderful this year.  I am so grateful for my wonderful family.  We are so blessed that both our girls are doing so well.  January we head back to the cardiologist and GI doc and to preschool.  I am so nervous for Cardio.  It's the first time we've been six months since seeing him and I am needing reassurance that Raygen's heart is doing okay.  I am always scared that I'm missing something.  She has had this on going cough for so long and it doesn't seem to go away.  It has been worrying me for awhile, but otherwise she has been doing so well.  I always think I will know if things change, but what if I don't?
Merry Christmas!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  Now on to our last week of 2015, can you believe it?  Where did the year go?